New new new features on Confiva!

Hello and welcome again to a new segment of: What’s up?!”

Virtual studio
Go live directly from our platform. Speak before thousands of participants withou any additional video production costs.

    • Use case:
      Ideal for strictly online events and DYI organizers who are not afraid to use the full potential of the Confiva platform.
    • *Can be used by professional organizers, but we do recomend a video production team for any complex events.

Reduced stream lag!
No more stream delay! We have chopped the latency from 20-30 seconds down to the bare minimum. Bringing speakers closer to attendees than ever before.

    • Use case:
      Ideal for online events or simple events that want more real time interaction and have a larger ammount of viewers. Reduced lag shortens the time of response to comments and polls so speakers can react quicker. This should make the event more fluid and unobstructed.

New and improved video Sessions
New and improved video sessions are here. Host workshops, brainstorms or meetings in our huge group video rooms. Chat in real time and directly with up to 100 participants.

    • Use case:
      Ideal for smaller video to video group calls of up to 30 participants, these are meetings, brainstorms, workshops or sponsor interactions. Event tho the capacity is over 199 we do not reccomend these areas for such numbers. Better to reccostages in this case.

Chat, Pin and Like, no need to subscribe.
Pin your most important comments and like the ones… you like, kinda simple.

    • Use case:
      Ideal for clients that have live streams and want interaction. Pinning a post in lobby or a stage can also be a reminder or instructions for guests.

More power to Showrooms!
Let attendees connect directly to your exhibitors or sponsors by starting a meeting straight from the showroom. Showroom hosts can schedule calls, answer questions in our Q&A module and inform visitors with a pinned post in the chat.
Oh, and we almost forgot, the showroom menu now lets you group your showrooms together and set them in any order possible.

    • Use case
      Ideal for fairs and events with multiple sponsors. Start a meeting button allows a quick response from the sponsors or exhibitors to any question your attendees might

You win or you learn!
Analyze, plan and improve your event experience based on real data! Learn more and make better decisions for your next event!

    • Use case:
      Ideal for data driven events that want to understand the . IMPORTANT: This is not personal data and can be viewed by any moderators of your events.

Never miss an event… never ever
Don’t let your event goers forget about your event. Every invitation mail is equipped with the add to calendar option.

    • Use case:
      Ideal for events that do not have a mailing tool. This should increase the attendance as fewer attendees will forget about the event as they can add it to any calendar.

Super safe with Confiva. We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Cerified.
We made sure your data and attendee privacy is safe and we can prove it. Confiva is certified with the ISO 27001 standard (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)

    • Use case:
      The ISO standard is an international standard that confirmes that the company is constantly monitoring and improving their system of data and personal data protection. This is ideal for government institutions, big companies, banks and other clients that value privacy and security.

Now we are moving towards the next phase of Software infrastructure optimization, making Confiva faster, more robust and ready for our next big update we are planning in the future.