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Private live stream

The platform is available only for guests who receive an invitation or purchase a ticket.

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Organizers view

The software manages and provides event analytics.

Asset 1networking

Participants can personalize profiles, privately connect or arrange a meeting.

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Chat & polls

A tool for participant discussions and presenter-guest interaction.

Parallel stages

Confiva allows streaming on multiple stages at the same time.

Mobile friendly

Browser-based solution for any device without any additional downloads.


Offer sponsors to create interactions or present their services and products.

Video conferencing

Participants can meet and chat or get involved in video workshops.


Help organizers invite participants to other content.


Sell tickets on a custom landing page and promote your event.

Success stories

Evolve, create and inspire with online events

Reach the full potential of your online event

Invitation link sharing

Sharing and misuse of the digital invitation (link) is a common occurrence. We have ensured security in such a way that only 1 link and 1 user can only access the event with 1 device simultaneously.

Event-based support

With extensive event knowledge and understanding, we provide a smooth user experience, which is why we are also available to the organizer and all participants during the time of the event.


Collaborations with sponsors are a very important part of the vast majority of events, so we have also taken care of the appropriate exposure of such collaborations.


The platform is personalized in terms of content and enables graphic adjustments according to the client's wishes.

Create a bridge between your real-life and online events

Hybrid events are a perfect mix of digital and live events. The event takes place live for a small number of people, while everyone else can watch it online from any location.

The main advantage of such events is that they combine the advantages of digital and live events, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Digital events are interactive gatherings that take place on online event platforms.

Unlike live events, they are not limited to only one location. Participants can join and interact from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the web.

It is  possible to conduct smaller events as well as larger conferences with more than 1000 participants.

Enjoy the safety of quick support response

To assure that your event reaches its full potential, every client has an assigned event manager and support team. We cover any location and any timezone

This means that you have someone to answer all of your questions and ensure the most optimized use of our platform. Our English-speaking support team takes care of your attendees and answer any questions in a matter of minutes.

Trust us with full event production!

Let our team of experienced event specialists take care of everything.

Conceptualization, program, speakers, and production process can all be managed by our assigned team. Engage your business partners or clients, and be free of planning concerns.

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