Make your next online event a success

Let our conference streaming platform handle all the hard things so you can focus on what really matters - good and engaging content

Use our tools to create the best online experience!


Like in real world events your online conference can have multiple stages - tracks that host different talks.

Private live stream

We provide high quality video streaming service capable of delivering a private stream to thousands of attendees.

Conference chat room

Discussion is always a big part of any event. Engage with your attendees in real time and offer them constant access to your documents.

Attendee management

Monetize your tracks and with our registration tool, split attendees in various groups based on their interests and manage their access to the conference.

Live polling & Q&A

With polls and surveys, your attendees are anonymous participants in providing real-time feedback and interaction.

Mobile friendly

Your content will be accessible on a variety of devices to your attendees without them having to download and install anything.

Make your online experience as perfect as your real-life event!

Online events, just like physical events require professional setup. Having a professional-looking stream will transform your next online event and result in better attendee engagement, overall brand recognition, and positive experience.

Where does Confiva fit in your event process?

Secure streaming platform for your event.

At Confiva we provide a professional streaming platform based on tried and tested technologies used by giants like Apple, Youtube, Twitch, and others. Let us worry about technology while you focus on more important things. To ensure flawless streaming we only need the information of the desired max number of attendees.

Personalizable and effortless

Customize the look and feel of your conference page and email templates and incorporate our platform with the visual identity of your event. After your import attendees, they receive a personalized email where they can sign in to the conference with a single click. We’ll remove all barriers and make your audience enjoy your content faster.

Engage your guests and drive traffic to your sponsors

Offer your sponsors an advertising space, guarantee a profitable experience, and generate revenue via your exhibitors. Use our analytics to learn and improve sponsor engagement.

Create a bridge between your real-life and online event!

Trust us with full event production!

Let our team of experienced event specialists take care of everything. Conceptualization, program, speakers, and production process can all be managed by our assigned team. Engage your business partners or clients, and be free of planning concerns.

Enjoy the safety of quick support response.

Currently, we are offering local support for the Adriatic region (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, and Albania). With our trusted B2B partners we cover the region while our fluent English speakers offer international contact.

Let us know how can we help transform your next online event