Who are we?

Working in the event industry requires the ability to focus on the big picture while keeping track of all the little details. We approach every project with a passion for details and spot-on precision.

As we have years of experience in the event industry and hundreds of contacts, we can keep our nerves calm and laugh even at the most difficult moments.

That is how we adapted so quickly to an unexpected change and decided to use all of our knowledge that we gathered in the event industry. We strengthened our team and expand to the field of online events.

Our vision

Our vision is to make online and hybrid events a client’s business standard with the help of Confiva and its local partners.

The platform is aiming to serve as a professional tool for companies that want to reach their best potential.

Our employees don’t just offer the best possible client and customer service but also help to educate the general public about online event solutions for an easier transition.

Let us know how can we help transform your next online event