The future is hybrid

In this fast-changing time, one day the health situation is looking better, another day worse. That is why one of our key learnings in this whole situation is that the event industry will permanently adapt with the hybrid model.

Hybrid events are a perfect mix of digital and live events. This kind of event takes place live for a small number of people, while everyone else can watch it online from any location. The main advantage of such events is that they combine the advantages of digital and live events, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Hopefully, the Covid threat will not be here for long and regular gatherings and events will be back in full force. Still, event pros will have to adapt with different measures to reduce health risks as much as possible.

So what are the benefits of creating a hybrid with the help of a platform like Confiva? The first and the most noticeable aspect is the ticket sales. While a physical venue has its capacity set, online events have not. Capacity for online events is limitless and the option to expand your ticket sales or reach more people quickly covers the cost of a live stream event platform. If your event has viral potential the income from online tickets can create massive profits.

In-person visitors can also access the platform and view content that they have missed. Connecting with other visitors is easy and your guests are not limited to participants that they bump into on-site.

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