7 ideas for your next online event

7 ideas for your next online event

Each of us attended several events in our lifetime. Some events create the best memories of our lives, while others we forget about in minutes. The difference between an event we enjoyed and an event that bored us to death is quite substantial. It can make or break your event – and in the virtual world, it is even more significant.

That is why we always promote engagement and inform our clients of some of the best practices of online events. Remember, the event is only as good as its impact on attendees.

Here are some of our top recommendations:

Online event host

Online event host is usually a one-man band, but in the case of complex events, it can even be a whole team that interacts with the attendees throughout the platform. Their role is to:

  • Inform attendees of any changes happening on the fly.
  • Answer questions from attendees.
  • Create conversation topics in the chat.
  • Give attendees a sense of security.

Usually, the assigned hosts are PR managers, copywriters, or in some cases, random event team members. Basically, anyone that is:

  • Correctly briefed on all the event information.
  • Briefed on how the platform works.
  • Has a knack for conversations.

Networking incentives 

In this case, we are playing with the idea of The reasoning. Some guests will be eager to network while others won’t, but we are quick to forget about the attendees that are in between. If you give them a good reason they are more likely to interact, expand their network or just find new friends. So what can you do to promote it?

  • Push the message of connecting (event host, visual material).
  • Host workshops and encourage colaboration.
  • Have a meet and greet of attendees with common interests.

By creating common spaces where attendees can be introduced, we give them reasons to connect.


Quiz games

Quiz games are always fun and a great way to connect with a specific topic, presentation, or lecture; they can also have a strong educational element to them. With Confiva Gamification option you can keep scoreboards and hand out prizes to daily winners. Games can be inserted in any area of the platform (Stage, Session, Showroom, Lobby) and customized with content that is relevant to your topic.

How does it look in action:

Treasure hunt

A platform-wide treasure hunt is always a fun way to introduce the content of your event and engage your guests. Attendees will gather clues in different areas and specific times that will slowly guide them to the final location. Note that the prize/treasure must be worth their time, so make it a good one.

Here are some recommendations on how to do it:

  • Plan, inform and promote.
  • 1st clue is at the start of your event in the main live stream.
  • 2nd clue is hidden in text in a specific area.
  • 3rd clue is in a specific graphic.
  • 5th clue is at a specific time in a lecture.
  • 6th clue will be at a workshop.
  • The final clue is in the closing speech.
  • Ship gifts or send digital gifts via app/email (Amazon gift card etc.).

We have seen very high interactions with the treasure hunt, but make sure to cover the basics first. »Plan, inform, and promote« is the most important part.

Remote control

We all know how remote control cars work: you press left, they turn left. The same logic applies in a live stream, where participants are the decision-makers of everything. They are viewing the stream and voting on the next moves. Voting is done through our native Confiva polls that are placed next to the live stream to ensure effortless voting.

Deliver interaction packages

Sending a physical package to your attendees is a way to create a bridge between the attendee and the event happening. Connect the topics on the stage or in workshops with the package your attendees receive. One of our best clients created a box that was received by all the participants and had 3 segments that coincided with 3 workshops:

  • Coffee pack

It was opened in the morning workshop that was curated by a professional Barista who educated participants on the contents of their coffee packs. The attendees were carefully guided through the correct way of cooking a coffee. A good way to start the day.

  • Smoothie pack

A Nutritionist and a Chef prepared and guided the mid-day workshop that help participants use the contents of their smoothie packs and guided them in creating their smoothie recipes. A nice energy & focus booster.

  • Cocktail pack

This evening workshop was to let loose and unwind. The Barman helped use the final contents of the packages and with his help, the participants created professional drinks. An enjoyable end to the event.

Virtual Escape Room

Challenge your participants with riddles and puzzles in a limited time frame. The experience boosts collaboration, team building, and teamwork in general, but most of all it’s fun. Participants get a break from the usual routine of the event and connect through fun interactions.

There are countless cases of good virtual escape rooms online and a quick search will give you many options for different topics. But just in case, here is a link to some ideas. The next step is just to find the right one for you!


Keep in mind that although engagement is quite crucial for any event, the foundation is always in the content and the software. And with Confiva the software will never be a concern. Contact us for more information or help with your next online event.