Product features

Extend the potential of your digital event.

Confiva is designed for all organizers of conferences, congresses, educational seminars, product presentations or launches, and other B2B events that seek to achieve added value through professional tools and enable people to network and spread knowledge.

Private live stream

We offer a high-quality video streaming service that provides video of the best quality to thousands of participants. Our technology is based on a solution that is used by globally recognized companies in the field of video streaming.

Parallel stages

As with in-person events, your online event can have parallel stages or venues that take place simultaneously. You can host lecturers covering a variety of topics. Participants can pick and choose their desired stage or content.

Organizer view

In the control panel, you have access to the organizer view that gives you full control over your event. Define access to event participants by pay grade, prepare polls, track participation statistics and create notifications to navigate through the platform.

Chat and polls

Conversation and interaction are two of the key elements of any event. Chat rooms are tied to a particular stage or showroom. Address or inform your participants during the event and offer them the opportunity to participate by asking the speakers questions. With easily accessible polls you can quickly obtain statistics tied to a specific stage or topic.



This is feature offers video calls among groups of attendees. Think of Sessions as break-out rooms at your events. You can now host brainstorming sessions, workshops, team buildings, or throw a good old tea party. Every session can accommodate up to 50 participants.


Meetings video call

Let your attendees network and have all the meetings that they desire with our native 1v1 video calls. Every event participant on the Confiva platform can now talk for up to 4 hours, share files, screen share, and network.

Mobile friendly

To make the entire process of event digitalization more accessible, we designed the platform as a “mobile-friendly” solution. Thus, participants do not need to install additional applications to use the platform, as they can access it quickly and easily through a web browser.


With the help of showrooms, you can offer your event partners a place where they can introduce themselves, organize prize games and get closer to the participants of your event. Additionally, participants can be redirected to external video chat tools via the link they click on in the showrooms. It is also possible to implement any other preloaded content in the showroom.



Networking and personal contacts between participants are available to anyone on the platform. Participants can personalize their profiles with descriptions and links to their Linkedin or Twitter profiles. People’s profiles are visible under the “Attendees” tab. We can connect with them and write them a message or arrange a meeting. Participants can choose whether their profile within the platform will be public or private. If they choose the latter, their profile is not visible to the other participants.


Even if the organizer creates excellent content, it can happen that participants do not enter other stages or showrooms on their own initiative. Notifications are a tool that ensures that we successfully present all relevant content that is offered. At a carefully planned time, you can trigger pre-prepared notifications and link the speaker’s content to a specific product or separate room. This way, visitors make full use of the potential of your event.


Video follows

Video live stream any time, all the time. The main benefits of this feature are that participants can move through the platform and view any other content they are interested in while still keeping an eye on the live stream. Speakers can even guide attendees to specific showrooms or other areas on the platform, making the experience much more interactive.


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