New Features, New Reasons to try out Confiva

New Features, New Reasons to try out Confiva

After quite a few updates that we did »under the radar,« we are happy to announce that from now on, we will let you in on all future releases. Transparency builds trust, and trust is the foundation for great work.

So here they are, three new features on the Confiva platform that will bring you an even more enjoyable and streamlined online event experience:

  • Sessions feature – Group video call
  • Meetings update – 1v1 video call
  • Stage update – Video follows

1. Sessions

This is the main new feature on the list, as it offers the highly anticipated two-way video communication among groups of attendees. Think of Sessions as break-out rooms at your events. You can now host brainstorming sessions, workshops, team buildings, or throw a good old tea party. Every session can accommodate up to 50 participants.

Still modular

The sessions feature is particularly useful for events that require direct video interaction among participants or break-out rooms. As with all other features on our platform, Sessions can be turned off or added. It all depends on your particular needs.


2. Meetings video call

Let your attendees network and have all the meetings that they desire with our native 1v1 video calls. Every event participant on the Confiva platform can now talk for up to 4 hours, share files, screen share, and network.

No external tools or additional logins are needed – participants are free to communicate. And who knows, your potential business partner, ultimate client, or even your future arch-nemesis might be on the other side of your next meeting on Confiva. Try it out and see for yourself!

3. Video follows

Video live stream any time, all the time. As of now, every time you will move from the live stream stage to any other area of the Confiva platform, the video stream will follow you. It’s like having a faithful dog that is always by your side. The only difference is that it’s not a dog but a live stream, and it works on server power, not food.

The main benefits are that participants can move through the platform and view any other content they are interested in while still keeping an eye on the live stream. Speakers can even guide attendees to specific showrooms or other areas on the platform, making the experience much more interactive.



We are very proud of our new features, but to be completely honest, they are nothing compared to all the updates we have in the pipeline for the year 2022. We can’t wait to share every one of them with you. Stay tuned!

Marko Šček, CPO of Confiva