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International Clown camp 2021

The Red Noses Slovenia Association is part of the international organization Red Noses International (RNI), which includes ten other countries in addition to Slovenia.

Partner organizations are strongly connected and exchange experiences and knowledge, support each other, and develop new programs.


Once a year, hospital clowns of the largest organization of its kind in Europe meet at a “clown camp” that lasts three or four days. The meeting is intended for education, exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas, as well as mutual support, plans and inspiration to help children in need. And this year, this valuable meeting was hosted by Slovenia.


The camp lasted for three days (May 31 – June 2, 2021). The program included workshops, meetings, social and ceremonial meetings – such as the awarding of medals for 1,000 hospital clown visits and the awarding of certificates * – and talks with world-renowned clowns and clowns. Thus, Michael Christensen, a pioneer in the field of hospital clown work, shared with us his journey, thoughts, and desires about the workings of clowns in nursing; Sue Morrison, an experienced clown and teacher, spoke about her unique work, which brings together diverse elements of Indian and European clown culture; Avner Eisenberg, one of the greatest clowns of all time, entrusted us with his experience as a performer and teacher.
Pérola Regina Ribeiro

Artistic director of the Red Noses Association.

“On the one hand, we missed direct contacts with colleagues and live workshops, and on the other hand, the online format allowed us to host world-renowned clowns in our program.

We have prepared this important event with great affection and gratitude in such difficult times – times when human contacts and exchanges are necessary.  And right here, in friendly meetings, the sick clown makes a home.”

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