Everything you need to know about event platforms and why you should use them

Everything you need to know about event platforms and why you should use them

Why wouldn’t you just use Zoom or Facebook live for your event? It’s free and you can be quickly done with it. Sure, video chat or a Facebook live event is simple enough, and if the purpose is just a public announcement or a meeting it works just fine.

But what lies beyond that? Is it possible to offer attendees as much interaction and content as in a real-life event? With platforms such as Confiva, we are very close to an event experience as we know it.

What are the main benefits of event platforms?

Event platforms offer well-thought-out web-based environments for all your content and attendee engagement. They have four key advantages that will elevate your online event to the next level:

1.  Event platforms let you do more… in every way possible.

This is not a big surprise, since event platforms are purposely built tools with many event focused features. Imagine you are at a 3-day conference: there are multiple stages happening simultaneously, you can attend sponsor booths, fun activities, and workshops. All this is hard to pull off with a video chat tool. This is where all those event platforms features come into play. 

2.  Sell tickets and attract sponsors

Most of the events receive their funding from ticket sales and sponsorships. They offer integrated ticketing processes, usually accompanied by a landing page to help you sell your tickets, inform and register attendees. Sponsors will be glad to back your event if there is some possibility of returning their investment – e.g. engaging guests with giveaways or added exposure with custom showrooms in the platform.

3.  They help you with attendee engagement

Event platforms have optimized tools to ensure that your attendees will be engaged and eager for more. Treasure hunts throughout the platform, competitive games, quiz games, and many more interaction options are embedded in event platforms and bring great results. With good prizes, your attendees will be happy to engage with your content.

4.  Attendees can connect and chat

Networking is a big part of any event. Attendees can talk in chats or connect directly with 1v1 video calls. Host quick »get to know« meets or let your attendees have 1 on 1 time with your speakers. If the event is a hybrid (real life & online event) it is a perfect way to connect the online attendees to the ones at the event venue.


When to use event platforms?

1. Based on the type of event

If your event is public and free it is best to host it on low-cost public platforms. But if you are selling tickets it is best that your event is protected and the event link can not be shared. Event platforms have security and login protocols to protect you and prevent multiple people sharing one ticket.

2. Based on capacity

Based on our experience, event platforms should be used for any event with over 50 attendees, and in some cases even less.

3. Based on the amount of your content

Use an event platform if you have a huge amount of content that you need to separate and organize for your attendees.

4. Based on the client

In this case, you have a high end client that would want a professional look and feel of their event.

It shouldn’t matter if you have a real-life event or you are planning an online one. As the latter does not have a limited capacity, it’s a great way to expand your event to anyone with a wifi connection.

So finally we have come to the last major question:


How to choose the right event platform?

It’s very simple. If you choose Confiva, we are confident that it will be the right one for your event. And it is a nice coincidence that you are reading this on our webpage – only a button click away from a non-binding video call with our team.