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European Spaces of Culture conference -
Taking EU cultural relations to the next level

European Spaces of Culture is a Preparatory Action, initiated by the European Parliament and attributed to EUNIC by the European Commission with the main objective of testing innovative collaboration models in cultural relations between European and local partner organisations in countries outside the EU.

At the heart of the project lies a new spirit of dialogue, in which equality, mutual listening and learning represent the core values that help build trust and understanding between peoples.

The Preparatory Action produces a set of policy and practice recommendations for the future implementation of the strategic EU approach to international cultural relations, including a process for the further implementation of the European Spaces of Culture initiative.

In the first phase of European Spaces of Culture, six pilot projects have been implemented to find innovative collaboration models. These projects range from creating an arts + tech hub towards a human-centred approach to technology, a community-led open space for public participation and creative spaces for awareness raising of the dangers of air pollution.


How to transfer the European Spaces of Culture conference into digital form and connect with all the participants and offer them multilingual and diverse content that is occurring simultaneously.


The conference occured in a hybrid format, streamed on a Confiva online platform and consisted of Preliminary stage and 4 Synch sessions – Parallel panels zooming in on relevant topics that define the future of cultural relations and showcase different policy objectives that cultural relations can accommodate.

The conference had 2 plenaries and 4 breakout sessions with over 35 speakers and over 300 attendees.

Robert Kieft

Project Manager European Spaces of Culture

“On 1 June 2021, Confiva hosted the public conference of the EU Preparatory Action European Spaces of Culture, managed by EUNIC – EU National Institutes for Culture. With more than 400 participants joining, the conference brough together high-level EU policy makers and experts and artists from USA to Mongolia, and Tanzania to Sri Lanka.

With the pandemic still strongly present, Confiva offered us the opportunity to host the conference tailored to our needs, making use of both the main stages (even in parallel, English and French) and stages for our subpanels, as well as different showrooms to share video content of our projects, and even an embedded virtual exhibition.

This all created a visually pleasing conference sphere that you cannot get on the usual online event platforms. Users were able to navigate between the different stages and showrooms smoothly.

Based in Brussels, we were able to communicate and coordinate with the professional team in Ljubljana constantly, offering us tips and advice from the start until the event passed.

Just prior and during the event the team was on quick stand-by to offer any assistance needed and responded swiftly to any request we had regarding the stages, registration, or access to the platform.

We would gladly recommend Confiva for any online event.

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