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CoMS 2020/21 – Construction Materials for a Sustainable future

ZAG is the leading Slovenian Institute in the field of building and civil engineering.

The organization is widely recognized both in Slovenia and in other countries by means of its experts, top-class equipment and multi-disciplinary work, including life cycle analyses of different construction materials.


The primary goals of the CoMS conference are to bring together scientists and experts in the field of construction materials and other areas of civil engineering, and give them the opportunity to present the results of their research, findings and innovations despite the Covid-19 restrictions.

The CoMS conference focused on building stronger and more equitable partnerships in order to develop innovative, practical and durable solutions necessary for building a sustainable future.


CoMS 2020/21 conference was organized by ZAG – the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute alongside co-organizing institutions: the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering, the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Science, the BAM – Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing and supported by sponsors and RILEM’s Technical Activities Committee.

CoMS conference was attended by more than 130 worldwide experts coming from 19 different, mostly European, countries. Programme was composed of six plenary and eight keynote lectures, 58 oral presentations and 16 posters. Conference Proceedings were published in two volumes,with volume one including 40 papers and volume two 20 papers .

Programme was organized into 8 different sessions and each of them was opened by one of the plenary speakers.

Besides the plenary and keynote lectures, oral presentations and posters, special project networking and dissemination showrooms were available, where 16 different projects were presented. In the showrooms projects’ coordinators representatives presented their activities and had the possibility to interact with the participants.

Ema Kemperle

public relations ZAG

“We entrusted the technical implementation of the online conference to the Confiva online conferencing platform.

We thank the Confiva team for their quick response and all the support of the technical team in the last days of preparations and the quality of the very demanding conference, as evidenced by the many praises of the participants.”

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