Are online events easier and cheaper to organize?

Are online events easier and cheaper to organize?

We often get asked if is it easier and cheaper to organize an online event in comparison to a live event?

To answer the question: yes, yes it is. Let us explain.

In a completely online event, we avoid all on-site costs. This amounts to roughly 30% and in some cases as much as 80% of all costs. Here are some of the event elements that will not be on your budget list:

  • Venue
    There is no to decorate the venue and think about the stage design or the stage technical production (sound, screens, scenography) as attendees will not be there to see it.

  • On-site visitors
    Physical registration personnel, security and visitor registration is not needed as it is done through an online platform.

  • Speakers
    The overall cost of speakers is reduced as the hospitality aspect is not needed. Forget expensive plane tickets and accommodation costs.

  • Catering
    Food and drinks will now be consumed from the kitchens of attendees and not at your event bars and food stations.

  • Production
    Dealing with all the event elements listed above takes time and time is money.

With all these reductions we still have to keep in mind that if we want to create a good event we still have to take care of the basics. Promotion, visual identity and quality content are the factors that will intrigue your potential attendees and make them buy your tickets. You have to create appealing content to draw in the digital crowd.

As much as we love the online event and their business benefits we are still big fans of in-person events and hope to see them return in full effect soon. We are preparing many different features to be ready when they do.