An event as a marketing tool

An event as a marketing tool

In the last decade, events became an important marketing tool that helped companies to introduce their offers to a wider specific audience and improve the bond with their target groups.

We would like to introduce some facts that speak in favor of events in comparing to other, more traditional marketing tools:

An event facilitates one-to-one discussion with your consumers, helping them to establish a much more personal relationship with your brand,

People who attend events get a personal experience which they later pass to their peers or friends. This makes your brand more accessible to your target group,

Events are very cost-effective in comparing to other, traditional marketing media channels,

You get quick responses from the market which can make your business more flexible and adaptive.

As we established events are a powerful marketing tool but since last year event marketers had one more challenge to overcome. What are the first out-comes of digital events as marketing tools? As it turns out it is always a combination of interaction and visual appeal that creates the best results.

Being behind a desk is not the most appealing set to attract your views. Companies are building stunning sets that align with their campaigns and put the viewer’s state where it feels as they are watching a movie.

Engagement is still king and there are many ways to create it online. A shipped goodie package and a well-thought-out break-out room are one of many options for your attendees to feel special.

Send them a special coffee brew and offer a barista video workshop or have local farmers deliver fresh fruits for a perfect power smoothie. Through such activities attendees feel more engaged and are more likely to view more products or services from that event. That brings us one step closer to purchase. 

All online events are viewed on some sort of digital device. This means that a connection to a purchase process is much more direct. Connecting your live content with pop-up notifications and showroom spaces offers your attendees to buy products or services with a seamless protocol. Thus driving up sales on such events.