7 reasons why your company should try online events

7 reasons why your company should try online events

To start this one off we would like to address that we are still big fans of in-person events. However, not all people have the option to attend, and there are a lot of them. Most professional online events have boosted their attendance and extended it to a wider pallet of attendees.

In this blog, we will cover a few more reasons why your company should consider online events. Here are the main ones:

  • Employees
  • Education
  • Exposure
  • Reach
  • Community
  • Business development
  • Evolution


There has been countless researches that have proven that a happy employee will be more productive, create more value for a company, and consequently will have a better quality of life in general. We feel that everyone should be happy at their job or at least have a dog in the office for some therapeutic belly rubs. If dogs are not allowed, you should definitely use events to create a better atmosphere in your work environment.

With company events, we create a better and more connected workforce. No matter the event goal, whether it is education, team building, or just simple fun, online events will get your message to each one of your employees.


Give your employees the option to grow and improve through educational online events or host informative events for your business network. Streamline the process of conveying information. Have it at the fingertips of any of your peers. With the help of our dedicated event managers, you can prepare interesting and fun courses for any purpose.


Events were a great tool to shout out to the world about your company, service, or product. With special experiences, we can create ambassadors from attendees and create exposure during and long after the event.


Any real-life event is always limited by the capacity of the venue but not in the case of using an online event platform. Anyone with an internet connection is now a potential attendee, and they can join from any device and any time. Confiva even offers all specific areas to upload and show any content you have in your live event. With this, all your attendees will have access to the same content and can network with the same people.


With Confiva you can create a private portal for your clients or business network. Having a community is good for any business. For global owned and operated businesses, though, it’s even more exciting because you can interact with your customers and prospects outside your country. Community involvement shows your customers what you’re doing to make their immediate world a better place for everyone.


The event industry has been on a bumpy ride since the pandemic but online platforms have rushed to the rescue in every sense, and the monetization has not been left out. Sell tickets, offer showrooms to sponsors and create lasting partnerships with brands. With the right content, the financial potential of your event is endless.


We are well aware that this era of social limitation will not last and the need for only online events will be lowered. So what will be the future of platforms such as Confiva? While the „forced“ digitalization offered many opportunities for the expansion of SAAS companies it will also introduce their benefits. Confiva aims to become an added revenue stream and networking module for public events while evolving into an integral element of employee engagement and information sharing in bigger companies. Using digital platforms aligns your company and employees with future-orientated practices, positioning it as forward-thinking.

No matter how some of us view online platforms, they have proven to be powerful tools to help you reach your event goals, and with Confiva our team of digital event professionals will make sure of it.