5 tips that guarantee your next online event’s success

5 tips that guarantee your next online event's success

There are countless simple »event hacks« you can experiment with that are not on this list. Our tips will not guide you through those dark woods. We are going straight to the core fundamentals, the main things that make an event successful. The things that we can guarantee will make your online event good… or even great… Heck, maybe everything aligns, and we are talking about the perfect unicorn event.

These are our tips:

  • Prepare

  • Create

  • Correct

  • Host

  • Follow up

… and more importantly, if you decide to follow them, make them your own. Adapt and morph our suggestions to your needs and sprinkle them with your event style.

1. Prepare

Plan and prepare every single detail that you can before the event starts. Utilize every possibility to gather the information that will help you make the right choices. Preparation is one of the core planning phases that you should not forget by any means, and by the time you are over, you should have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your event. Plan marketing, PR, and ticketing/monetization strategies so you can pinpoint the risks and avoid them in time while remaining stress-free.

Also note: In online events, we have to consider that the online participants act differently, so you need to match the program activities accordingly. Consider multiple stages simultaneously to shorten the timeframe, plan fun break-out sessions and think about alternative ways to engage participants behind the screen.

2. Create

The create tip should be fun to enforce if the preparation is complete. Now that you have all your information, the next step is to carry out all the plans, create the visual identity and the program of your event. The event program should use all the possible technology that you have at your disposal.

At this point, it is always good to know what are the features that your online event platform will offer you. It is just like doing an in-person event, where you need to know what your venue will provide you. The online event platform is your venue in this case. A responsive collaboration with the platform is one of the things event managers should always strive to achieve. At Confiva every client receives the help of our dedicated event manager, so this is already a part of our service *wink wink*.

3. Correct

You can plan all you want but always keep an open mind to changes. In the creation phase you will have a chance to communicate with experts in the industry, so don’t be scared to change your opinion based on the information you receive. Improvise, adapt and overcome.

4. Host

OK, it’s time for your event to start. If you are hosting it on Confiva you have little to worry about from the software side. The main focus should be on the program execution, video production, and attendee interaction. In all event platforms, there are usually multiple chats where participants can interact. We have found that having a PR team highly involved in conversations can be a massive change in an online event. Participants feel heard, and it adds a personal element when relaying all the information.

5. Follow-up

The follow-up for an online event should be much more than just a thank you note you get in your email. Offer all your content to be viewed after the event has ended. Let your participants replay and see the content they might have missed, but make sure to always keep something for them for the next time, so you keep them on their toes. If your goal is to keep attendees engaged for as long as possible, think about creating a community by planning the follow-up with fun or educational workshops or similar smaller events.

Whenever you get hyped by fast and simple hacks to improve your event, do not get sidetracked. Always be sure to take care of the fundamentals first, and with Confiva we will take care of the rest.