How is Confiva different from Zoom?

How is Confiva different from Zoom?

This last year we have seen a flood of new event platforms on the market, each with its own virtual space and style. Although online event platforms differ in user experience and platform design, they generally offer the same features.

    • Expo space for embedding sponsor- or other on-demand content.
    • Networking modules for connecting participants with each other and with speakers.
    • Live stream stages that give attendees a direct feed to the event’s program.

Confiva offers all of the above while also focusing on something outside of the digital domain. But first, let us take a step back and talk about the most frequently asked question we receive from our clients.

The main differences between Confiva and Zoom

The easiest way to understand the difference is to look at Zoom as a smaller conference room and Confiva as a whole event venue. The small conference room is where you can have meetings or seminars, while the event venue offers multiple bigger stages, conference rooms, private meeting places, sponsor booths, and much more.

Key takeaway? Zoom is a video communication tool, Confiva is an online event platform.

So, what is Zoom good for? Zoom offers a perfected software for direct communication between two or more people. It is an excellent tool for simple webinars, meetings, or talking to your parents. That is why our video production partners use Zoom to connect remote speakers and why the platform is integral to our production process. For some events, Zoom links are enough, but many event professionals find they need more from their online event environment.

Here are some of the benefits Confiva brings to the table.

    • Attendees can register on custom-built landing pages.
    • The platform is easy to use and navigate through all the different areas.
    • Participants can connect and interact privately.
    • Sponsors can display their services or products in showrooms.
    • Guests can switch between different stages and view various live streams.
    • The event is secured, and the invite link works only for one user at a time.

A quick in-platform presentation from our sales representatives reveals many more benefits of the Confiva platform. Click here and start talking with our managers! Or read on and discover the main difference between Confiva and our direct competitors.

Customer care

We understand clients and address their needs. Our approach to customer care and the effort we dedicate to our clients and their events stem from many years of experience and know-how. The truth is, professional online events still frighten many event planners and businesses, and that is why we recognize the need for clear, direct, and quick guidelines.

What are the most prominent customer care features that set Confiva apart from other event platforms?

A dedicated event manager

No tools are good if you do not know how to use them. Anyone hosting an event on Confiva has the option of being in direct contact with a dedicated event manager. Confiva’s event managers are here to make their client’s lives easier during an online event organization. And they will stop at nothing to raise the level of any event they are helping to organize.

If this is all new to you, do not worry about leaving things in the hands of our event managers. From a platform standpoint, they guide you through using the platform. They also help you import content and advise you on possible improvements. It does not stop there. Do you need a video production team? No problem. Do you need a studio or venue? They can find the right one. Event managers can help you with the online aspects of your event. They are your point of contact for the entire production of your online event.

Attendee support

We give our attention to the attendees as well. Our support staff is always ready—before, during, or after the event—to help resolve any issues. Our problem-solving record is currently at 100%, and we intend to keep it that way.

We want you, speakers, performers, and attendees to have a blast at your event, no matter its form. There are countless ways to create online events so let us steer you in the right direction. With our software and our customer care, you will be running online events in no time and with little effort.

Are you ready to take on this task? We are.