General questions of event organizers

For what types of events is Confiva best suited?

Confiva is especially suitable for events with a larger number of participants, that include more content in several parallel lectures/stages. This category includes conferences, congresses, presentations, or launches of new products,…

How many people can attend an event that takes place on Confiva platform?

Our video streaming has an unlimited number of viewers. However, the price of the streaming varies depending on the number of attendees, so we need this information when preparing the offer for you.

Is an online event more expensive than a live event?

Online events have lower costs in comparison with live events. Transportation, speaker accommodations, event location, reception for participants… These are just some of the expenses that a fully digital event does not have.

Is long-term Confive rental possible?

Of course, at Confiva we offer different rental models. Contact us and we will prepare the optimal package for you. Contact


Is the platform compliant with GDPR?

A data protection contract is signed with each client that organizes the event. The platform itself uses only the information it needs for its operation - name, surname and e-mail address. All other information is given arbitrarily by the participant, as long as he agrees with the general conditions.


How is the security of stream access on the platform taken care of?

Confiva has security protection for each link, which means that one video streaming link can only be active on one device at a time.

Technical questions of event organizers

Is it possible to customize Confiva according to our company's visual identity?

Graphic and content customizations are possible within Confiva, according to your wishes.

How are sponsorship exposures handled within Confiva?

We offer sponsors digital exhibition spaces that enable interaction with participants, prize games and links to any content.

Do our participants need an application to access Confiva?

The platform is based on the use of a browser. No additional applications are required, not on mobile, tablet or PC devices.

What is the registration process of participants?

 Registration of participants can take place internally or through any online ticket sales, such as Olaii, Eventim and others. The list of participants we receive from the organizer is imported into Confiva. By clicking on the link in the electronic invitation, participants register on the platform.

What is the difference between video production and online directing?

 Video production provides all the recording (technical) equipment and performs video directing (changing staff, adding graphics and animations). The online director takes care of uninterrupted reporting via video call and sends an edited final video from the location to the Confiva platform.

Can we connect to Confiva via Zoom or a similar tool already used by our company?

The video call tool can be optional - this part is handled by online video directing. We receive an already edited video signal, which is broadcast live on our online platform.

Do I need video production and online directing if I have »in-house« IT techniques?

 It all depends on the nature of the event. All you need to use our platform is a stable internet connection and a suitable video streaming tool. Nevertheless, we advise that a qualified video production team be used for professional events, as well as online directing.

Does the platform also contain a registration module and supports monetization?

 You can also use the registration module through the platform, which supports monetization, or you can do it in your own domain and just provide us with a list of participants.

The content

Can participants view the content even after the event?

The platform enables the recording of content that is broadcast live and can be accessed on the platform for up to 7 days after the event.

Who takes care of the content integration in Confiva platform?

There are two options: our team enters all the content for you, or we teach you how to do it yourself.