Event process

Confiva lets you organize a digital event in an easy way.

It’s features are designed for all organizers of conferences, congresses, educational seminars, product presentations or launches and other B2B events that seek to achieve added value through professional tools and enable people to network and spread knowledge.

Where does Confiva fit in your event process?

Stage and cameras

To achieve a professional look of the event, you need technical, stage and recording equipment, which enables high quality recordings.

If the event is only digital, your speakers can report from home via any home cameras. This, of course, worsens the quality.

Video production

Video production provides the necessary technical equipment and manages the directing.

Together with the visual technician, they take care of placing graphics, adding animations, and appropriate framing between presentations and different cameras.

Video chat tool

In case the speakers are not all in the same location, you need a program that allows a video chat.

With tools like Zoom etc. remote speakers will connect live and lecture on the screen at your event.

Video directing

The online video director takes care of supporting all remote speakers and sends the video from the location to the online platform.

During rehearsal technicians check all the technical needs that must be met by remote speakers and the video production team.

The online platform and video streaming

An online platform represents your event online. It should allow easy access and scroll through all the content you offer.

The key element, however, is high-quality video transmission, which is received from the video director and transmits to any number of guests.

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