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Co-habiting with Earthquakes and other natural disasters

The Slovenian Chamber of Engineers is entering the second decade of its existence with a new vision and strategy, based on changing the culture of construction.

Their objective is to achieve quality construction that is fast and safe and that contributes to greater economic growth and provides a healthy and energy efficient living environment.


The conference was intended to present engineering solutions that ensure safe coexistence with earthquakes and other natural disasters in a completely digital format.


The conference consisted of two parts, namely the morning – plenary part and the afternoon – section part.

The afternoon was followed by six sections, where members of each parent section (civil engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers, technologists, geotechnologists and miners, surveyors, and other engineers) touched on current topics in the field of earthquakes and other natural disasters.

The online conference was widely accepted among the members of IZS, as this year it also offered current topics and internationally renowned lecturers who offer fresh perspectives on the challenges of the engineering profession. The focus was on coexistence with earthquakes and other natural disasters. More than 30 speakers spoke at the web conference, connecting 2,500 conference participants.

Matjaž Grilc

Chairman of the Information Commission of the IZS

“Every year, our Slovenian Engineering Association organizes a traditional Slovenian Engineering Day. We are used to organizing it live, but this year we decided on a virtual event due to the epidemiological situation.

As this is an important extensive multi-day event, we put a lot of thought into the choice of a suitable digital platform. With our choice of Confiva platform, we couldn’t be happier. The event was attended by more than 1,600 participants who were extremely pleased with the new experience. We only had some minimal registration issues and inconveniences with the internet link, which the excellent Confiva team solved professionally.

We as a client, are extremely satisfied and grateful to the Confiva team for a new experience and excellent cooperation. It was our first time cooperating, but we are sure it won’t be last”

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