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Resetting Education and Training for the Digital Age

The conference opened up the space for discussion on the opportunities and challenges of digitalization education among various stakeholders – from practitioners and researchers to decision-makers.

The organizer wanted to encourage cooperation between the stakeholders, to identify, share and disseminate good practices, to link national and international digital education initiatives, and to support cross-sectoral cooperation and new models for the exchange of digital learning content.


The organizer wanted to execute the event with various elements, starting from Art performance, opening speeches by the ministers, plenary sessions, and working in group sessions. The main challenge was how to connect online participants with the participants and speakers at live locations.


The conference occurred in a hybrid format spanning over 2 days, streamed on a Confiva online platform, and consisted of (plenary) Main stage and 3 Parallel Sessions occurring on simultaneous stages on the platform. Through showrooms, the organizer presented good practices in education from all around the world and also prepared Conference challenge for all the attendees. In addition to this Conference, there was also a possibility to attend another conference occurring at the same time – DigiEduHack.

Organizational team CMEPIUS

‘We consider the cooperation with Confivq within the ResetEDU conference to be successful, the employees from Confiva were always available and supporting us during the preparations for the event, as well as during the event itself, which is extremely important in such a complex (hybrid) project.

All activities were carried out in accordance with the agreement through the Confiva platform, which was technically flawless at the time of the event. We believe that with certain upgrades and adjustments (especially work sessions, group divisions), Confiva will be an excellent tool for performing interactive virtual or hybrid events.’

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