Are online events easier and cheaper to organize?

Are online events easier and cheaper to organize?

We often get asked if is it easier and cheaper to organize an online event in comparison to a live event? 

To answer the question: yes, yes it is. Let us explain.

Well, each of them has its specifics. But many people assume that with the online events the costs and time spent on the organization will certainly be reduced. If we want our event to be a success we still have to put the effort into it. And the basics of a good event are still a good preparation of the concept, content, script, speakers, and so on. The vast majority of the work remains the same as in the live event. We must also take care of video production and directing at both live and online events. However, in a completely online event, we avoid coordination with the location, catering, speaker hospitality, and other in-person event costs. With all this gone, we have some major cost reductions. In the case of a hybrid event, of course, all of the above is still on the “to do” list.

Cost-wise we must first consider the type of event. But in general, we could say that in an online event we avoid the costs of accommodation, location, transportation, and food, … but even this is not necessarily true. After all, digital events are also extremely different from each other. In the case of hybrids, however, these costs remain anyway.